Rejecting Rejection

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We have all had times in our life that we felt rejected or didn’t get what we were expecting.  It has happened to me several times and as I look back I feel like at the times in my life when it felt like a huge rejection, it probably had a positive impact on my life as it leads me down a different path, the right one.  But how do we embrace that feeling in the moment and make it a positive? That is the tough part.

I remember clear as day going to freshman orientation at college, the day you know you meet with your advisor of your major and then register for classes.  Big day for sure and I was so excited. I wanted to be a nurse, just like my mom and sister-in-law, so I declared that for my major and met with my advisor to talk about the program.  The conversation did not go as expected…not even a little bit. My lovely advisor told me that I was not going to be successful in college, especially in nursing, and that I should consider doing something else.  WHAT? I immediately felt rejected, here was one of the biggest days of my life up to that point and she tells me it is not for me. She based my future on my ACT score, that was not the best score, but I was still a great student.  Today, looking back at that moment, I realized I did let that experience have an impact on me. I did not do very good my first semester, but not because I was not smart enough, rather I had a great social life and did not really study.  Oh, and I also did not become a nurse. Guess what did do, I graduated and have had a successful career and am here now living my dream as a business owner. So, in the moment, it did not feel good, but that was my choice. Not realizing that interaction was the universe’s way of telling me I was not on the right path.  Thankfully, I was able to move past it and become who I am today with the support of my family and friends.  

Rejecting Rejection can be such a powerful approach to things in our life that do not go as we would like.  We can make them into a positive because at least we know and have the information to move forward instead of wondering, what if. It really is a powerful concept, that can really change our lives and how we experience rejection.  Jack Canfield states in his Success Principles book, ‘some will, some won’t, so what, next’.  

If I would have become a nurse I would not have met all the amazing people in my life, met my husband and had our amazing son.  In the moment it is hard, but dig deep and realize that there is someone or something bigger and better waiting for you and your ideas!

We would love to hear from you all and how you look at rejection.  Do you reject rejection?

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