New Beginnings

So, I am sitting in our home office and trying to make myself feel productive. I left my job as a counselor and have now started this awesome personalized products business, We Heart.Biz.  I am working, but it is such a different type of work. Crafting emails, submitting our products to sellers, social media posts, crafting our story and just ticking away at all of the things that go into an e-commerce business..  But, why don’t I feel like this is “work”? Is this what everyone talks about or dreams about?

When you are doing something you are passionate about it really does not feel like work. Oh, did I mention that the day flies by now!  Crazy how the days seemed to last forever at my old job and now I feel like I am just getting going on something and the day is over. My husband told me “Being an entrepreneur give you the right to work every hour of every day.” When I envisioned this career change of working from home and being a business owner, I thought I would have the cleanest house, laundry always done, homemade dinners that tasted amazing; however, this has not been the case. I will admit that I can get a load of laundry in here and there and run some errands or get a workout in during the day, but my passion for this draws me back to making one more tweak, trying one new thing and I am heading into our home office,  as we have something to build that I am so unbelievably excited about.

I am part of an online group for people who are newer to the e-commerce world and have heard so many inspiring stories. Of all of them, the last one I just heard was the most inspiring so far. It was from a young woman who is still in high school. She said something that made me tear up a bit, in a good way :).  She said ‘Come with giving hands and a loving heart’. WOW, this could not line up more with why Aaron and I decided to pursue this dream of ours to help others. She went on to say, ‘Selling is helping others have their best life’. I have always been in a helping role with my career and had this mindset that for me to make money from others would not be genuine or right. Wait, what???  Does that mean all those businesses are bad because they are making money from others? Of course not, but somehow , I got the notion that I should feel bad for selling as I thought I was being a pest. My husband gets this and is the most genuine person around, who has also been telling me this same thing for years that people will decide how they want to spend their money he says, but they will buy from you because they trust you and you are providing value to them. Starting today, I’m going to trust myself because I only want the best for others and we have products that can do just that, make people’s lives better!  

Who else out there doubts themselves when trying to add that new down-line partner, asking your friends and family to support you unconditionally or just needs the little extra push to do that “thing” they always wanted to do? I’m with you and WeHeart.Biz is here for you as a community, not just an e-commerce business. Let’s Connect!

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  • Terri Saunders on

    Kylene/Aaron you have got a win/win opportunity. I was in your place 3 years ago and could have never imagined I am where I am today. Leaving the “corporate” world and jumping out of my comfort zone was the BEST thing I did.
    I have met so many people along my journey and they are like family to me. I am blessed and I know you are and will continue to be.

    “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible!”
    —Audrey Hepburn

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