Belief, Positivity and Personalized Gifts

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So, it has been over three months now of me leaving my career as a counselor to becoming a small business owner with my amazing husband.  How as it has been three months already? I can finally say that I am finding my groove and feeling confident that the time was right for us to begin making our dream come true!  Even though I still have so much to learn, I am having so much fun with our personalized gifts business.  

Limiting beliefs, oh yes they were strong in the beginning!  I’ve found positive self-talk, writing daily goals, meditation and visualization,  my inner voice is getting stronger every day to quiet the limiting beliefs and it is so empowering!  I am so thankful for my husband and his unconditional support for me throughout this journey. He has been unbelievably patient with me, even when I ask the same questions over and over until I truly understand.  At times it seems I like to learn the hard way, but when I trust myself that I can do something outside of my comfort zone, I have found great success and motivation.  

We have a strong business plan that my husband made sure we took the time to determine our why, core values and niche, which has made the ‘doing’ part easier. I feel a strong sense of direction and purpose for WeHeart.Biz.  Our desire to help others continues to drive our decisions and fuel our business in the direction we planned. It is amazing when you see someone’s face light up when they receive a personalized gift as a gesture of thank you for your hard work or for being a wonderful customer. These are the moments that I know what I am doing and why!  

I have placed a few personalized gifts my husband made me around my office, and it is a constant reminder of the mission we are on to help others.  Looking at my cozy personalized blanket or fun designed tumbler, I know what I am doing has a bigger meaning than what I can express in writing.  

Having a business designed around happiness and positivity, is truly inspiring.  Knowing our personalized gifts are made just for someone special and creates a lasting memory, is pretty amazing!  So many more memories for us to make with WeHeart.Biz, but I am ready to share happiness with others with our unique personalized gifts! 

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