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About About Us

Rise Shine Smile

"Wherever you're at is perfectly fine!" - Kylene Montgomery

My passion is to empower success-minded people to generate mind and body healing. I do this with success principle tools and yoga classes. Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or ready for more, let me help you unlock your potential.

Over the many years of my career as a counselor, I found so much joy in supporting others in their pursuit of finding joy and happiness, thus achieving their dreams. To elevate my tool belt I became a Success Principles Certified Teacher and a Yoga Instructor. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and business owner, I have found the Success Principles and the practice of Yoga to be truly life-changing. I'm grateful you stopped by so I might be able to share my passion with you!

Reach out to hello@riseshinesmile.com with questions.

Kylene Montgomery 

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